Quantum Simulation

Quantum Simulation.

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Quantum Simulation

The daunting superconductivity

or mysterious quantum field theory,

one needs to simulate nature

to perceive these in their encompassing glory.


Nature is not classical, dammit

quantum approach does better fit.

You can’t even emulate 37 qubits

so there must be a better ambit.


And it was eighties when God said to Feynman

“Let there be Quantum Simulation”

Just do proper FFTs

and the state will undergo evolution.


So people came to scale up

and reach upto thirty seven,

watching all this

the Schrodinger God was “Happy in Heaven”.


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Quantum Mechanics Poem

Quantum Mechanics Poem.

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IISERM to its people

I am IISER Mohali
a budding research institute,
framed under special act
something of national repute.

Education is not a race here
it’s mere a training,
life is very cool
and not to mention amazing.

I have witnessed great people
trained a few to greatness,
they have gone places
for Gyananveshnam.

Now my library hides the gate
the four majestic hostels tell my fate,
my CAF owns 2 NMRs
many spectrometers and a few PCRs.

I see my dream in you
rise and shine,
empower society
and attain the divine. 

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I bought a photon
from a company called Amazon
with zero rest mass 
in a 100 dollar silver glass

It was tiny
and very very fast
0.3 million meters
before a second could last

oh here , oh there
Now I can’t see it anywhere
I cried and cried
almost died

Then there was an electron
dating a positron
OMG , I could see
again two baby photons.

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Quantum Mechanics Poem

Position and momentum
energy and time,
if the world is quantum
these can’t rhyme.

Schrodinger’s cat
of something you can’t chat,
the very stringent condition
the world is in superposition.

Evolution is linear
and deterministic,
while measurement is exterior
and probabilistic.

You will build computers
to run Shor’s algorithms,
codes can be broken
the complexity goes in logarithm.

Many worlds exist
for many-many decisions,
this is the way quantum works
nobody understands the reasons.

Kishor Bharti

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MOOCs ( Massive Online Open Courses)

Here are some MIT OCW like sites :

1. Coursera
2. Edx
3. Nptel
4. Saylor.org
5. Complexity Explorer
6. Udacity
7. Open Yale
8. Berkeley
9. PIRSA (Perimeter) : Best for Theoretical Physics
10. Youtube …..

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This is first time I have used Hindi font. I had some feelings which transcended in a poem.Note that I don’t support any political party.


बरसो से क​ई मैल जमे हैं
चलो करे हम आज सफाई ,
फेक के चादर भेद – भाव का
चलो करे हम आज सफाई ।

रिश्वतखोर लुचक्कों की
करनी होगी बड़ी धुनाई ,
पैसा उनको एक ना देंगे
मिठी अपनी गाढी कमाई।

घर में अपने चोर छिपे हैं
उनको पाठ पढानी होगी ,
सारा चारा खा गये हैं वो
अब रुकना नादानी होगी ।

लोकपाल को रोकने खातिर
वो करते बड़ा तमाशा हैं,
देश के नेताओं की देखो
कितनी गन्दी भाषा है ।

फुंक फुंक के चलना होगा
अब हमको ही कुछ करना होगा ,
नहीं रुकेंगे अब हम भाई
चलो करे हम आज सफाई |

किशोर भारती
०४ मार्च , २०१४
IISER Mohali

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